InVEST output map of the Amazon basin

Natural Capital = Earth's lands, waters and their biodiversity

Ecosystem Services = The stream of vital benefits flowing from natural capital to people

InVEST is the leading tool for incorporating natural capital into decisions

NatCap launched InVEST 3.0!

InVEST 3.0.0 is the first version of InVEST with standalone versions for all but one of our 16 ecosystem service models and analysis tools. This major milestone lowers a number of critical barriers to using InVEST. The standalone tools contain major performance updates, some science updates, and a host of additional usability features not found in the old ArcGIS based versions.

Download InVEST 3.0.0

Diversified farming practices might preserve evolutionary diversity of wildlife, say Stanford and Berkeley biologists

A new study co-authored by NatCap's Daniel Karp and Gretchen Daily finds that diversified agricultural practices may help to preserve evolutionarily distinct species.

Read the article in Stanford News.
Read the study published in Science.

World's leading experts to work together to establish a harmonised way to measure and value nature in business

Natural Capital Coalition has announced its selection of two global consortia to help develop the Natural Capital Protocol, a new way for corporations to include natural capital in their bottom line. NatCap has been chosen to help shape the Natural Capital Protocol!

Read the press release from Natural Capital Coalition.

New study shows conversion of grasslands to agriculture in Southeastern Minnesota contributes to groundwater nitrate contamination

A new study by University of Minnesota and NatCap researchers finds that land use change in Southeastern Minnesota is expected to increase the number of contaminated wells by 45%.

Read the article in University of Minnesota Discover.
Read the study by Bonnie Keeler & Stephen Polasky in Environmental Research Letters.

Strategically focusing agricultural expansion could save 6 billion metric tons of carbon

A new study by University of Minnesota and NatCap researchers found that limiting agriculture to areas with high production potential could meet future food needs of 2050 while preserving 6 billion metric tons of carbon

Read the article in University of Minnesota Discover or read the study published in PNAS.

A New Tool for Watershed Services

NatCap's newest software, Resource Investment Optimization System (RIOS), is a free and open source software tool that supports the design of cost-effective investments in watershed services. RIOS provides a standardized, science-based approach to watershed management. It combines biophysical, social, and economic data to help users identify the best locations for protection and restoration activities in order to maximize the ecological return on investment, within the bounds of what is socially and politically feasible.

Learn more about RIOS and download the tool

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