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NEW TOOL: MESH - Mapping Ecosystem Services to Human wellbeing


MESH is a free, open source integrative modeling framework that calculates and maps ecosystem service supply under different landscape management scenarios. It takes models from the InVEST toolkit and extends them into a graphical framework. It also automatically creates input data, defines scenarios and creates visual outputs.

NEWSLETTER: Read the latest NatCap news, including an interview with co-founder Steve Polasky


Read the latest NatCap news, including a personal account of how to measure the impact of water funds by Leah Bremer; find out about the latest Natural Capital Symposium 2016 news and deadlines; learn about the latest scientific research, including how to site offshore wind farms using visibility and wind power modeling.

RESEARCH: New offshore wind farm study highlights a breakthrough in the way wind projects are sited.

AAron flickr CCL

Credit: Aaron, flickr CCL

The last few pilings are currently being driven into the seafloor, securing the foundations for the first offshore wind farm in the United States. By modeling and mapping visibility and wind power up front, before a project is sited, NatCap researchers show how this project off the coast of Rhode Island, and others proposed up and down the coast, could save years of research and stave off millions in litigation.

TRAINING PROGRAM: Join us for a 3-day course in Stellenbosch, South Africa Nov 14, 16-17


We’re holding a three day training course on The Natural Capital Project approach and toolkit at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, in South Africa, right after the 2015 Ecosystem Services Partnership World ConferenceNovember 14th, 16th-17th. Attendance for Day One only or all three days is possible. Click here for more information or here to register.

NEWS: How to Save Indonesia's Forests | NYT Op Ed by NatCap advisor Brent Harris
Fires in Indonesian peatland. Ryan Woo, CIFOR/ Flickr CCL

Fires in Indonesian peatland. Ryan Woo, CIFOR/ Flickr CCL

The emissions from illegal forest fires in Indonesia have harmed the lungs of 200,000 people, Harris reports. “Since September, the daily emissions generated by Indonesia’s forest fires exceed the average daily emissions from all economic activity in the United States.”