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[Prosperity] springs from nature.


At The Natural Capital Project we’re developing practical tools and approaches to account for nature’s contributions to society, so that leaders of countries, companies, communities, and organizations worldwide can make smarter decisions for a more sustainable future.


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Whether you’re in the business of crafting good policy or optimizing investments, valuing natural capital can help you accomplish your goals.

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NatCap has learned a lot while working on the science of natural capital and using that knowledge to inform decisions. We’ve built some of that learning into free software and educational materials to help you assess the role of natural capital in the places and contexts that matter to you.

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EVENT: Natural Capital Symposium, March 21-24, Stanford



Please join us for the annual Natural Capital Symposium at Stanford this spring. Each year we convene hundreds of natural capital enthusiasts from around the world. People come to share stories about how this information is already transforming decisions, to learn practical software skills, to find new approaches and solutions, and to set a course for the future.

We are excited to announce that this year Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, will be giving a keynote address. Mark is a champion of the idea of natural capital, author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature, and a great supporter of NatCap. He will be speaking on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 22nd.

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RESEARCH: Nature Communications Study Shows World Forest Carbon Stocks Over-Estimated

Agriculture and forest fragmentation

A new study by NatCap and partners in Nature Communications shows how tropical forests store less carbon along their edges, compared to forest interiors. Carbon storage estimates are used to devise mitigation plans to offset the greenhouse gases released through deforestation. The study highlights benefits of keeping large tropical forests intact and of targeting more restoration to reconnect patches.

NEW TOOL: Mapping Ecosystem Services to Human wellbeing (MESH)


MESH is a free, open source integrative modeling framework that calculates and maps ecosystem service supply under different landscape management scenarios. It takes models from the InVEST toolkit and extends them into a graphical framework. It also automatically creates input data, defines scenarios and creates visual outputs.