InVEST output map of the Amazon basin

Natural Capital = Earth's lands, waters and their biodiversity

Ecosystem Services = The stream of vital benefits flowing from natural capital to people

InVEST is the leading tool for incorporating natural capital into decisions

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NatCap's 2015 Natural Capital Symposium

At the Natural Capital Project's 2015 Natural Capital Symposium March 23-25 at Stanford, over 250 people from 22 countries convened to share the latest advances on how to include the value of nature in decisions. Participants included specialists and partners from academia, NGO's, government, business, consultancies, and multilateral institutions, ranging from local county planners to senior researchers. Participants shared experiences, learned from others, and got hands-on training with NatCap's approaches and software tools.

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Online photos provide evidence for the value of clean water

New research from Natural Capital Project and Iowa State University using geotagged photos from Flickr found that people are more likely to visit lakes with clearer water and are willing to travel greater distances to reach them.

Read the article in University of Minnesota Discover
Read the study in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

A New Tool for Mitigating Development Impacts

NatCap's latest free and open-source software tool, OPAL, can help countries around the world more efficiently assess the impacts of development projects, and plan mitigations that benefit communities equitably. OPAL is especially useful for conducting rapid assessments of multiple development projects and offset options.

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Natural Capital Project Awarded Google Impact Grant

The Natural Capital Project aims to ensure that decision-makers anywhere in the world have the information they need to account for the value of nature when planning for the future.

In support of our work, we are excited to announce a $1.8 million Google Impact grant.

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A Tool for Watershed Services

Resource Investment Optimization System (RIOS) is a free and open source software tool that supports the design of cost-effective investments in watershed services. RIOS provides a standardized, science-based approach to watershed management. It combines biophysical, social, and economic data to help users identify the best locations for protection and restoration activities in order to maximize the ecological return on investment, within the bounds of what is socially and politically feasible.

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