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NEWS: Smithsonian features NatCap


The Smithsonian profiles NatCap this month, showing how we’ve evolved over the last ten years. “What we wanted to do,” [said NatCap co-founder Gretchen Daily], “was shine a light in a really rigorous, transparent, standardized way on the connection between people and nature.” The article highlights the proliferation of water funds across Latin America, as well as China’s first natural capital assessment, using NatCap software to measure improvements in ecosystem services after investing billions to restore forests and grasslands.

RESEARCH: Story map shows where coastal habitat protects Californians from flooding

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.05.02 PM

Check out our new story map with Ocean Solutions. We map where natural capital protects Californians along the coast.

RESEARCH: China's environmental policies making a difference, NatCap scientists in Science mag
(c)Stacie Wolny

(c)Stacie Wolny

A series of ambitious environmental policies that led to a $150 billion investment in natural capital are improving services provided by China’s ecosystems, such as flood control and sand storm mitigation, according to research conducted by an international team of scientists including NatCap co-founders Gretchen Daily and Steve Polasky. Results show that these efforts, guided in part by NatCap software tools, are yielding benefits. Click here to learn more.

EVENT: Myanmar's natural capital a new focus for WWF

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.49.23 PMMyanmar’s forests and rivers remain remarkably intact, providing clean water, fish, a sense of place, and other benefits. Now that the country’s borders have opened, The World Wildlife Fund–one of NatCap’s four core partners–is helping decision-makers map and identify important natural capital, so that the resources people depend upon will continue to sustain generations to come. Visit their new website to learn more.

RESEARCH: Even the Dept of Defense benefits from ecosystem services

A paper recently published in Ecosystem Services highlights how a natural capital approach to land management can help the U.S. Department of Defense — one of the nation’s largest land managers — balance their mandate to protect Endangered Species with their mission to train troops.