Data Requirements for InVEST


The following document contains a data matrix that identifies the optional, required, and valuation inputs for each InVEST 3.0 model. Please submit any updates or changes to Gregory Verutes (

Download the InVEST 3.0 data requirements.

Data Sources for InVEST

The following databases provide potential sources of spatial data and parameter values for InVEST models. Both databases are works in progress, and we are continuing to fill in missing information and add new data sources. Please submit any additions or corrections to

Spatial Data

This Microsoft Excel file contains data sources of spatial data that may be of use for InVEST models. Data includes land use/land cover maps, digital elevation models, climate data, soil properties and more. Nearly all data listed is freely accessible.

Download the database of spatial data.

Sediment and Nutrient Model Parameters

We have assembled potential parameter values for InVEST sediment and nutrient models based on a global literature review in a Microsoft Access database. Here we provide the raw values collected from the literature and allow the user to select values from certain land cover types or geographic areas in order to choose the parameter values that are most appropriate for their desired application.

Download the parameter value database.