Opportunities at the Natural Capital Project

See below for opportunities to join the NatCap team.

Open Positions

We are a partnership among Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, The Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund, developing approaches and tools to model and map the distribution of biodiversity and the flow of multiple ecosystem services across land- and seascapes.

Current open positions at The Natural Capital Project:

Post-doctoral Research – Valuing Earth’s Largest Lakes

Large Lakes Observatory, U. Minnesota Duluth, in cooperation with the Institute on the Environment, Minnesota Twin Cities and The Natural Capital Project

Earth’s ~20 largest lakes are scattered across the planet and they contain huge quantities of valuable freshwater. There have been only scattered attempts to assess the value that humans derive from them. We are seeking an individual with experience in ecosystem services to work with us to assess the value and services of these unique ecosystems. The individual will be based at the Large Lakes Observatory in Duluth, Minnesota and they will also interact closely with the Natural Capital project and others on the U. Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Full-time support is available for one year with continuation dependent on further funding. Essential qualifications include PhD in ecology, natural resources, economics or allied field along with formal training in the subject of ecosystem services and experience writing for peer-reviewed publication. (Search reopened.) To apply, visit http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/employment/ and search for Job Requisition 301046 in Keywords (set “Jobs Posted Within” to “Anytime”).

For additional information, contact Robert Sterner (stern007@d.umn.edu).



Stanford University is committed to equal opportunity through affirmative action in employment and we are especially eager to identify minority persons and women with appropriate qualifications.

Fellows Program

Scientists interested in pursuing research that aligns with the mission and programs of the Natural Capital Project can engage with us as a NatCap Fellow. This mechanism provides mid- to late-career researchers and professionals with the opportunity to work with NatCap for a short time. It is intended for researchers who have defined a specific project to work on in collaboration with NatCap, and a position to which they will return following this Fellowship (e.g., an academic sabbatical). The Fellowship is designed to provide a self-directed and mutually beneficial learning environment, we hope to learn as much from you and your research as you do from us. Fellows are initiated only after mutual agreement and identification of a primary liaison from NatCap, who will foster mutual learning with other researchers and the broader NatCap team.

If you are interested in engaging with NatCap as a Fellow, discuss first with one of our Lead Scientists or co-founders, and we can take the discussions from there!